Warren G. Harding High School, 860 Elm Road NE, Warren, Ohio 44483

We at Delphi ELITE could not do all our “engineering magic” without the help of our student’s parents. Parents that find time to dedicate to our team have ourĀ up mostĀ appreciation. We would like to dedicate this page on our website to parents who dedicate all their valuable time to help us be as successful as can be. Thank you for all your hard work.

Photo of Linda Donley

Linda Donley

Photo of John Mosko

John Mosko

Photo of Lisa Mosko

Lisa Mosko

Photo of Shauna Nadzan

Shauna Nadzan

Photo of Kim Schwab

Kim Schwab

Photo of Courtney Shively

Courtney Shively

Photo of Betty Yuricek

Betty Yuricek

Photo of Thomas Yuricek Sr

Thomas Yuricek Sr