Warren G. Harding High School, 860 Elm Road NE, Warren, Ohio 44483

We teach and train our team to be safety conscious in everything we do.  We conduct safety classes which include a test and periodic pop quizzes to keep the members of our “family”aware of the latest safety practices, procedures and preventive measures.  We have even invited members of other local teams to our classes in order to mentor and train them to start and develop productive and successful safety programs of their own.

We are typically responsible for proper packing and shipping of the robot to/from and between competitions.  We also develop procedures for the most efficient pit setup/load-in and pit tear down/load-out.  Additionally, we develop and maintain pit crew activities and procedures relating to housekeeping, robot repair/maintenance, personnel management/overcrowding and even general crowd control and robot transportation for all teams during competitions.

Our Safety Formula


This means that the QUALITY of our safety program is determined by:
[The perceived Value of our program by our peers, times our ability to EDUCATE others] plus keeping FUN in our FUNdamentals; divided by [The amount of IMPACT we have on our COMMUNITY, plus The amount of IMPACT we have on other teams at our events].

We at Delphi E.L.I.T.E. strive to keep our team safe and sound. Without safety, mass havoc would be an everyday theme of our team. We make sure to stress to our fellow members how important safety is in the shop. So, being caught without your safety goggles is, almost unheard of.

Photo of Donnell Conner

Donnell Conner

Safety and Logistics Team Mentor

Photo of Matthew Cottrill

Matthew Cottrill

Photo of Caitlin Cox

Caitlin Cox

Photo of Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Photo of Cross McCleary

Cross McCleary

Photo of Kelsey Namola

Kelsey Namola

Photo of Victoria Woods

Victoria Woods

Safety Blog

This year we welcome multiple new member to the leadership end of the safety team. This year we added Victoria Woods, Kelsey Namola, Cynthia Porter, Seth Brugler, Robbie Shape, and David Klasovsky to the team. This years team consists of 9 members and we are currently underway... Read More →
Mar 2015
We’re very excited to have come away from California, PA knowing that we gave our all. It was a very successful weekend and we come away knowing where we can improve. Delphi E.L.I.T.E., alongside our friends, the RoboCats and Amp’d Robotics, earned the finalist award... Read More →
Underwriters Laboratories at every regional that is hosted by FIRST issues an award called the “Safety Star of the Day” given to the safest individual that they see in the pits at the regional. …What is Underwriters Laboratories you ask? UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a safety... Read More →
Feb 2014
Hello fellow Robotics nerds! The safety quote this week is primarily about how to be safe in the right ways. “Better safe than sorry.” – Justina Gazso This weeks celebrity quote is from the debut author John Green. He has written many young adult novels, such as... Read More →
Feb 2014
Howdy! This weeks safety quote is about where and when you eat while in Robotics. “Don’t eat food in the metal shop.” -Sarah Hunter Our celeberity quote is from the comedic genius Tina Fey, who is a famous Oscar Winning actress. She used to be a regular on... Read More →
Feb 2013
It’s that time of the week again. The Safety Quote of the week is now due. This weeks safety quote is done by Mr. Devonte Parker, who wanted to express his concerns for the upcoming regional in Rochester, New York. Devonte is no stranger to our team; being one of the safety... Read More →
Safety is for everyone, young or old. This being said, the young people of our generation also need to be informed about how to be safe and the basic aspects of safety as well! Our proactive safety team went and visited Lincoln Elementary School to tutor the elementary school... Read More →
Feb 2013
I know everyone on our team loves good safety practice. Sharianna Heller enthusiastically came wanting to express her love for safety to everyone on the internet. Here’s what she has to say about safety (Hopefully not from experience…) “Hey team, Tie back your... Read More →
This week, while going around scouring for influential safety tips from our team, I found a very inspiring quote from one of our more dedicated team members. Our well-known robotics team member Tyce Gall wanted to say a very important (…and VERY obvious) tip about Safety in... Read More →