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NEOFRA Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge

Full Production Full Field View

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Team 48, Delphi E.L.I.T.E. would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors listed below. We recognize our sponsors in a number of very interesting ways! If you or your business would like to support our students as a sponsor or volunteer mentor, please download and review the following documents: 2014-15 Team 48 ...

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FIRST and Team 48 - Would You Like To Know More?

We on FIRST Team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E. are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our team or starting your own FIRST team within your school/community. We work closely with the other FIRST teams in the Youngstown-Warren region to help rookie teams start off on the ...

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Up to date progress

Most of minor design and prototyping is finished we are almost ready for fabrication build and assembly of the robot.

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NEOFRA FLL Girard RoboCats Regional

Watch all the action from the NEOFRA FLL RoboCats Regional on YouTube

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NEOFRA FLL Warren Delphi E.L.I.T.E. Regional

We’ve scheduled a Youtube broadcast of today’s event. Check out the YouTube channel below.


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NEOFRA FIRST Lego League programming seminar

Thursday, October 23rd at 4pm, NEOFRA will be holding a FIRST Lego League programming seminar lead by Ted Hood, FIRST Senior Mentor for Ohio. This seminar will be held at McGuffey PK-8, 3465 Tod Ave NW, Warren, OH 44485.

Teams will need to bring their robots, sensors, and laptops, in order to program. No extras will be available.

Seminar Agenda from Ted:

I will be going over the following information for the Mindstorms EV3 software:

  • Software interface
  • Moving

o   Tank drive vs steering drive

o   Degrees vs rotation

o   Turning effectively

  • Sensors and their uses

o   Gyro

o   Color/light

o   Ultrasonic

o   Touch

  • Loops and Switches
  • Multi-threading (doing more than one thing at a time)
  • Myblocks

o   Using variables

o   Proper setup

  • Best practices

o   Using Bluetooth

o   Using Comments

o   Movements on the board

o   When to use sensors (and when not to)

There are multiple versions of the software. I will be using the education version which is what comes with a FLL kit.

I have also been a coach for multiple years and have worked with a lot of teams with robot building and programming. I hope to get enough time for a Q and A.

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2015 New Control System Introduction

Behind the Lines - Episode 2 - Introducing the 2015 FRC Control System

Behind the Lines – Episode 2 – Introducing the 2015 FRC Control System


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Full Team Meeting

Wednesday, October 8th
Warren G. Harding Woodshop

Team ELITE Meeting Agenda 10-8-14

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Delphi E.L.I.T.E. out in the semi-finals in Raleigh

What a great weekend. We finished up in Raleigh with an 8W-2L Record and got picked by the #3 alliance of 342. They went on to pick team 1735. We worked our hardest but came up short in the semi-finals. During the awards ceremony, the judges awarded us with the UL Safety Award and the Motorola Quality Award. We had a great time at this regional. Thanks for the good times Raleigh airblown inflatables canada.

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Navigating the Worlds

Let the matches begin! Today, our whole team woke up bright and early to stand outside the Edward Jones Dome (where the event is taking place). Also, the official opening ceremony took place, featuring a video from our president Barack Obama and the founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen. First has been trying to expand to all types of teens and kids by utilizing the famous former member of the Black Eyed Peas, WILL. I. AM.

The excitement is escalating by the minute. After every match, we have been getting better and better. Here are the scores:

Q14:         Red: 48       364  5052  145   Lose

10:18AM Blue: 5310  997  3260  146  

Q25:         Red: 5016  78    910     251   

11:24 AM Blue: 1983 48    120     132    Lose

Q47:         Red: 4500 133   48      161    Lose

2:36 PM    Blue: 971   314   846    225

Q59:         Red:  48     2614  25     189   Win

3:48 PM    Blue: 190  4941   1305 100

Q83:         Red: 5136  5190   3928  167

9:42 AM    Blue: 3238  1507  48      136 Lose

Q99:          Red:  1640  1126  2877  145





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Worlds Collide in Saint Louis

Hello its time to…

Aerial Assist!

We just recently arrived in Saint Louis for the World Championship after finding out a week prior to the event. During our downtime, we spent it touring the Saint Louis Zoo, and went to the Edward Jones Dome (which is the location of the venue for the Championship) to do pit setup and practice.

The pits were roaring with people from as far as the Israel and Denmark, and then people who are from the good old U.S.A. We started out the day strong and finished it out even stronger. The first day was b00ming with excitement for more matches to come.

Tune in tomorrow for another update on Team 48.

Delphi.. ELITE!

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Wild Crossroads Wisconsin

Let the fun begin! Our Team got up bright and happy this morning to gear up at the U.S. Cellular Arena (where the regional is commencing) to set up, and prep our robot. After a whole day setting up and making sure our robot is pristine, we were ready to commence the matches, during which we also had to pass two inspections, for our pit and our robot. The inspections are to ensure that we reach their safety expectations, such as always wearing safety glasses in the pits. The reasoning that FIRST gives us the extra day is to ensure that the robots are working and that everything is in order.

We started the day off breathtaking, as usual, with us winning with a score of 121. Throughout the day though, we were experiencing some wiring problems, which our Drive Team fixed amazingly before the end of the day. We won the last two matches at 186 and at 132.

Tune in for more updates on our progress in the next few days.

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