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NEOFRA Mahoning Valley Robotics Challenge

Full Production Full Field View

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Team 48, Delphi E.L.I.T.E. would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors listed below. We recognize our sponsors in a number of very interesting ways! If you or your business would like to support our students as a sponsor or volunteer mentor, please download and review the following documents: 2014-15 Team 48 ...

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FIRST and Team 48 - Would You Like To Know More?

We on FIRST Team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E. are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our team or starting your own FIRST team within your school/community. We work closely with the other FIRST teams in the Youngstown-Warren region to help rookie teams start off on the ...

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Spectator Scouting Form

We could use your help!


If you’re sitting watching a match, you can provide feedback on a team in a particular match by clicking the link above, filling out the Google Form, and submitting.  All observations will be compiled to an instantly-accessible Google Sheet that summarizes all responses.

This can be given to anyone WHO KNOWS THE GAME sitting with the team or watching at home via webcast who wishes to provide feedback.

DRIVE TEAM – you can also provide your own feedback if you ever sit/stand and watch a match.  Help yourselves out – record observations of other teams in action.  I know you stand in the queue and watch matches.  Don’t merely say “wow that team really struggled, or dang that team tipped over” – DOCUMENT IT via the form so we have the information in the evenings.

This information will supplement the traditional scouting information obtained using paper sheets.  Honestly, we have relied upon secondary observations from adults and other spectators as part of our scouting for YEARS now.  This just automates the process (provided we can all get phone signals).

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Queen City Regional Webcast

Follow all the action of the Queen City Regional through a webcast provided by FIRST Team 3266:



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Featured on WFMJ

NEOFRA teams were featured on WFMJ, channel 21. Check out the feature at Wfmj.com

A special thank you to Matt Stone and his photographer for making the trip to Cleveland to see us.

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Buckeye Regional

Hey everyone! We took a short trip to the 2015 Buckeye Regional at the CSU’s Wolstein Center in Cleveland.

Join us Friday and Saturday or catch all the thrilling action on the Buckeye Regional Webcast: http://www.twitch.tv/highlandrobotics2603/

FIRST events are always free and open to the public


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2015 Greater Pittsburgh Regional

We’re very excited to have come away from California, PA knowing that we gave our all. It was a very successful weekend and we come away knowing where we can improve.

Delphi E.L.I.T.E., alongside our friends, the RoboCats and Amp’d Robotics, earned the finalist award against a terrific alliance. We can honestly say that the winning alliance, Teams 1629,144, and 337, earned first place. It was a hard fought battle that was decided in round three of the finals.

Delphi E.L.I.T.E. also brought home the Gracious Professionalism Award and the Underwriter Laboratories Safety Award.

Watch our Finals matches on YouTube
Match 1  |  Match 2  |  Match 3

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Live from the Greater Pittsburgh Regional

Check out all the action at http://live.delphielite.com

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Up to date progress

Most of minor design and prototyping is finished we are almost ready for fabrication build and assembly of the robot.

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NEOFRA FLL Girard RoboCats Regional

Watch all the action from the NEOFRA FLL RoboCats Regional on YouTube

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NEOFRA FLL Warren Delphi E.L.I.T.E. Regional

We’ve scheduled a Youtube broadcast of today’s event. Check out the YouTube channel below.


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NEOFRA FIRST Lego League programming seminar

Thursday, October 23rd at 4pm, NEOFRA will be holding a FIRST Lego League programming seminar lead by Ted Hood, FIRST Senior Mentor for Ohio. This seminar will be held at McGuffey PK-8, 3465 Tod Ave NW, Warren, OH 44485.

Teams will need to bring their robots, sensors, and laptops, in order to program. No extras will be available.

Seminar Agenda from Ted:

I will be going over the following information for the Mindstorms EV3 software:

  • Software interface
  • Moving

o   Tank drive vs steering drive

o   Degrees vs rotation

o   Turning effectively

  • Sensors and their uses

o   Gyro

o   Color/light

o   Ultrasonic

o   Touch

  • Loops and Switches
  • Multi-threading (doing more than one thing at a time)
  • Myblocks

o   Using variables

o   Proper setup

  • Best practices

o   Using Bluetooth

o   Using Comments

o   Movements on the board

o   When to use sensors (and when not to)

There are multiple versions of the software. I will be using the education version which is what comes with a FLL kit.

I have also been a coach for multiple years and have worked with a lot of teams with robot building and programming. I hope to get enough time for a Q and A.

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