Warren G. Harding High School, 860 Elm Road NE, Warren, Ohio 44483
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Summer Shop Days

I’ve scheduled a team meeting for veterans and newbies on Wednesday, June 9th at 6:30pm in the CADD Lab or maybe an outside venue that I identify between now and them. I also posted some “Summer Shop Days” for June. You can see them on the calendar at http://delphielite.com/calendar/ Those students that I’ve talked to so far said two days a week is good. I pushed them as late in the day as I can so everyone can be involved.
The idea is that we’ll remove our field elements from the stage, finish up any outstanding tasks on XM23.5, clean the shop, prepare for new equipment and storage, learn new and old equipment, and begin working on other fun projects.
As mentioned, I’m also inviting any new students that have said they’re interested in joining robotics so far. I’ve got about 15 on my list so far.
We need to get started on the fundraising for next year, so I’ll have some info on fundraisers that we can start immediately and we’ll talk about some fundraising ideas too.
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